New Campaign and Template Manager
Using the SparkPost Email Platform

Your SparkPost API Key:

Optional for Enterprise/Elite Users: Enter your API Root URL: Empty will default to:

Note: These API Keys are created from a SparkPost admin page from with either your or your ESP's SparkPost account. Please remember that the SparkPost system only shows your API Key "once", so you need to keep the API Key safe where you can get to it each time you use this or any application that needs an API Key. If you loose the API Key you can always create a new one.

At a minimum, your API key needs the following access: 'Recipient Lists: Read/Write, Templates: Read/Write, Transmissions: Read/Write, Sending Domains: Read and Message-Events: Read'.

This tool is free to use at your own risk and should be up and running at all times but is not monitored for uptime. The Campaign Generator uses your API key to create, delete and update items from your own SparkPost account. The applications saves two types of data:
  • Browser cookies for your credentials (which will expire after two days)
  • Any file uploads you use during Campaign creations are held on the server
The code behind this site is available from my Github repository at:


*v1.05 Last Updated Dec 1, 2017